Monday, January 09, 2006

Working my but off

To anyone that may paruse this site occasionally or regularly, I apologize for no new content. With the holidays and the fact that I am heavily engaged with a startup ebusiness I have been a little busy. I should be back around the first of February, and please visit my website

Friday, December 02, 2005

Lead yourself then lead others

What has happened to personal responsibility? If I order a steaming hot cup of coffee, spill it on myself and get burned, it's not the businesses fault; I could just as well have order an ice cold cup of coffee. As a society we now seem to be of the opinion that individuals are responsible for nothing in their lives and everyone else is. The story of the grasshopper and the ant should be mandatory reading for everyone before they graduate from high school.

There is the age old question as to whether leaders are born or whether a person can be taught to lead. To argue this point is mute in my opinion because I believe that the majority of people are in a leadership position everyday, some individuals that are severally mentally or physically disabled could be exceptions.

You may be saying that I am the low person on the totem pole and have no leadership responsibilities. The fact is, that everyday we rise from our slumber we make leadership decisions, do I take the initiative to get of bed today, what is my vision for my future, what are my personal goals, what changes am I going to make in my life to make it better, what are my values? I could go on but I think the point is made. The foundation of leadership starts when we learn to lead ourselves.

Every day we are placed in leadership positions; we may have to exercise leadership by simply deciding where to have lunch with a group of people. Invariably someone in the group will be persuasive enough to get others to eat where he or she wants to. Do we follow or, if we disagree, are we willing to make alternate decision(s)? These little leadership lesson are a great way to learn our strengths and weaknesses and help us on the path to become better leaders.

Learn to lead yourself, take responsibility for your decisions and actions, and learn from the small leadership lessons in life. Others will follow.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Just doing my job

Over the weekend the Nation had an opportunity to recognize those men and women who have voluntarily served this country and defended its constitution, many who have spilt their own blood or given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. In addition I had the added opportunity of rubbing shoulders with members of one of the greatest teams the world has ever known, by celebrating the United States Marine Corps 230th Birthday.

As I participated in activities surrounding these events I had time to once again contemplate the actions of the countless unsung leaders that have served this nation.

I grew up next door to a Medal of Honor recipient. His son and I are the same age and we participated on the same little league sports teams, coached by this man. Not only did he teach the basics of the sport, he also taught us the importance of teamwork, dedication, sacrifice, and leadership.

to me he represents the epitome of what a leader is. He earned his medal while serving as a pharmacists mate, attached to the Marines, during the battle for Iwo Jima. Over the space of several days he was wounded multiple times but he never failed to respond to the calls of his wounded comrades, even as he bandaged his own wounds. It wasn't until he passed out from the loss of blood that he too was evacuated. When asked why he acted so heroically he simply states that he was doing his job.

As a leader how willing are we to just do our job and accept the consequences for what we do? I think it is easy to say we are doing it, but are we really?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Were are the leaders

Why is it that there is so much written on the subject of leadership, yet there is so little display of it. Look at politics. The way most politicians act is more reminiscent of how kids acted on the playground, my dog is better than your dog, my dad can beat up your dad, only me and my friends are allowed to play here, my politics are better than your politics. I’ll admit that I prefer conservative politics, but if a politician has a convincing argument that is backed up by some real leadership, I’ll support them. Unfortunately I hear very few convincing arguments.

We’ve been at this for well over 200 years now don’t you think it is time to grow up and realize that people with differing views can have good Ideas, just because I don’t agree with them doesn’t make them or me a bad person. If there were some solid leadership, to include convincing arguments, amongst our politicians maybe we could get beyond the petty tactics of claiming our party is better than your party.

With all the leadership talk you would think that America would be generating stronger and stronger leaders, but where the heck are they? It could be argued that people are born with leadership skills and enough of them are not being born. I, on the other hand, think we have become so politically correct that society has become undisciplined and weak and our minds have become lazy. Whatever the case, our society is defiantly lacking in strong influential leaders.